To The Beginning


Hello! I’m Kt; welcome to my place of random thoughts, real life (sometimes embarrassing) stories, wide range of opinions and hijacked memes!

A Little About Myself

   I’m a 32 year-old housewife and mother with the mind of a wandering nobody. I pretend I’m smart while I’m struggling to observe the world of those around me.  I love to write and even though I’ve never been very good at it I do it anyway.  I love politics but don’t pretend to know more than I comprehend.  There’s a hippie inside me that keeps my realist and cynic from sinking too far into the ground. We’re all a little crazy but secretly…

We love it

   I survived a stroke a few years ago in my late twenties.  I reference that often as well as my defunct left body.  So if you’re wondering why I’m weird….or sad, or angry, or really dramatic for no obvious reason…blame that.


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